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Eiixir Heavy Duty Double Pane Roof Vent Lid Elixir Roof Vent w/ 12V Powered Fan Smoke
FREE GROUND SHIPPING to the lower 48 states!  Extend your camping season with this Thermal Pane Roof Vent Cover! It's a one-piece design, with no seams or welds, and air space between the two layers. FREE GROUND SHIPPING to the lower 48 states!  The Power Roof Vents by Elixir Industries are great RV vent additions to your RV and feature a 12 volt DC fan.


This kit is used to convert your current manual Dometic/A&E awning to power.

This kit will work with most Dometic awnings. Your awning tube must have 3 internal ribs. Please verify before purchasing.

Works with awnings up to 21' in length. Must have 6" of clearance from top of door to awning rail. The arm length when closed against the trailer is 66".

This hardware will provide 18" of drop. If you need more drop, there is another option that will provide 36" of drop, please contact me for more information.

Includes: Standard Hardware/Arms (8952002.400B), Right Side Power Motor (3310423.137B), Left Side Spring Assembly (3310420.017B), & Reverse Polarity 12V Switch.

The Standard Hardware/Arms are new in box, and the Motor & Tensioner Spring have been removed from new awnings that had shipping damage to the fabric. They may have minor scratches or scuffs.

All of the main components for installation are included, but not all parts are. You will need a few basic hardware items (rivets, bolts, screws, etc) and wiring.

The new hardware/arms may not install in the exact same position as your old hardware leaving the old holes on the side on the trailer exposed. They must be filled with sealant to prevent water from entering the walls.

Please understand that professional installation is recommended. The tension on your existing springs in the awning tube must be relieved, and the new spring must be loaded. Since there are no instructions included with this kit, you can use the instructions on installing a new awning fabric as a basic guideline for the installation (these can be found online). Slight modifications may be necessary for installation.

This kit utilizes OEM Dometic/A&E parts designed for a 9100 series Power Awning.

Requires 12VDC power. DO NOT HOOK to 120VAC!

The Hardware/Arms are shown in picture #2, and detailed pictures of the Motor and Tensioner are shown in pictures #3 through #6.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 517-448-4433.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING to the lower 48 states!  Positionable light features an easy-to-use on/off switch. Double light requires four mounting screws
FREE GROUND SHIPPING to the lower 48 states!  Low profile, surface mounted dome light with ABS frame. Creates more illumination with better color rendering index than fluorescents. FREE GROUND SHIPPING to the lower 48 states!  Ceiling Can 12 volt Light.  Lens diameter is 1.5”. Uses replacement bulb #1383. Bulbs included

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